Top Online Products to Sell in 2017

  1. E-cigarettes

The e-cigarette business has been increasing greatly over some time. The e-cigarette is known as the vaping device. It is a battery powered device that people are using in place of smoking a cigarette. E-cigarettes are not seen as harmful as a normal cigarette. Even though it is still a new product in the market it has gained a lot of popularity.

  1. Matcha Powder

Matcha powder is a fine green tea powder and has become a popular part of the tea categories. Every super market has recently been carrying different varieties of this tea. For the longest time matcha powder was only known in Japan but now it is well known all over the world and people are using it all over the globe.

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  1. Phone cases

As the smart phone market is increasing day by day, so is the market for phone cases. More phones mean that they are more prone to falling on the floor and cracking. Phone cases have a huge market of their own and their new phone covers are sharply moving upwards. The liquid cases and the ones that are waterproof have gained a lot of popularity.

  1. Smart watches

Along with the increase in popularity for mobile phones, the popularity for smart watches has increased greatly as well. Technology has now combined itself with new styles of watches to create the smart watch which has great features of its own. It first became a trend for the fitness industry; however now one in six people own a smart watch and its popularity keeps increasing.

  1. VR products

In the past few years, the use of technology has increased. There have been creations of various kinds of gadgets that are being used by people to make their lives easier. The arrival of VR products has made its mark in the year of 2017. VR products are now available as a phone compatible headset priced less than $20.

  1. Bluetooth speaker

The size of speakers has been shrinking over the years. Now speakers come in small convenient sizes and are wireless. Bluetooth speakers have gained a lot of popularity over some time. Almost everyone nowadays uses them as they are convenient and portable. People use the Bluetooth speakers at the park, the beach and many other places and they are usually the only set of speakers that people keep with them.