How to make money from selling photos online

Most of us love taking pictures, don’t we? So instead of just posting those awesome pictures to our Instagram and Facebook page, why don’t we use those pictures to make money?  So you can continue taking awesome photos and make cool money.

I know you are confused right now and you are asking yourself these question “how is that even possible?”

You can turn your photos into money by selling them as ‘stock photos” using phone apps that attract various companies looking for beautiful, unique, local or natural photos to buy.

I know the question you are asking yourself right now is “which phone app is that?”

Foap is one of the phone apps that give their users and photographers the opportunity to make money through their photos. The Foap app allows you to upload your different photos to the Foap market where the photos will be rated. If your photos meet the grade, they get published in the Foap market. The price of photos is $10, so you get $5, and they get $5. What’s more? Your photos can be sold over and over again. And each time your photo gets sold, you earn.

If you are not into the phone app, there are several of awesome websites that you can sell your photography. Here are some of those websites:

  1. iStock Photo. iStock Photo is a nice place for newbies who just started selling stock photos. They have forums and resources that will help you gain your stand and understand how photo sales work. With iStock photos, you can earn 15% per download of your photos, and it you can also earn 45% as the popularity of your photos increases.

  1. Dreamstime. When it comes to stock photography, Dreamstime is a nice place you can sell your photography. Once your photos are of standard, you will receive royalties of 25% to 50%. You can also receive royalties of 60% if you sign an exclusivity contract.

  1. Can stock photos. If you want to sell your photos the easy way, I would advise you to go for Can stock photos. However, you need to be approved first before you can sell on the site. Getting approval from the site is also easy. Through can stock photos, you can receive royalties of 50%.

Here are some other websites you should know:

  1. Alarmy
  2. Fotolia
  3. Photoshelter
  4. Smug mug
  5. Shutterstock
  6. 123RF