Five best platforms to boost your online course sales

Online courses are rising every day as people ditch physical classes to e-learning alternatives. With e-learning, audiences can learn in their own time. The rise of online courses makes it a good and lucrative business. But if you don’t sell your courses with the right platform, you are only cheating yourself.

In this post, I would give you a list of 5 best platforms that would boost your online course sales.

  1. Skill Share. Skill Share is an online course selling platform that helps the instructor to customize their online classes. It also provides the tools to help the instructors create some short videos about their courses. Membership on Skill Share starts from $10 per month.
  1. Click4Course. Click4Course is also an online course selling platform that helps instructors to create their courses using their content. With Click4Course, instructors can create unlimited courses and then organize the courses into categories for students. It also allows the instructor to manage learners by adding them manually or allowing the students to register themselves. The instructors can also set the passing score for each test. The monthly price of Click4Course starts from $79.
  1. Udemy. Udemy offers teachers the tools they need to teach effectively to a global audience. Udemy is free to use, but the teachers will have to give 50 percent of its earning per each student to Udemy. Udemy also assists instructors in creating a unique and knowledgeable online course so they can reach lots of people and earn cool money.
  1. Pathwright. Pathwright allows the teachers to outline their courses within a matter of short time. They also give the instructors the chance to jazz up the courses with discussions, videos, quizzes, projects and so much more, all designed to make the course more fun and interactive. With Pathwright, you can choose a plan that works best for you. Their monthly plan starts from $19.
  1. Academy of Mine. Academy of Mine is a great all on one platform to create, market, and sell your online courses. Academy Of Mine also helps instructors to build their learning websites using set-up courses, drag and drop templates, instructors and students with an integrated learning management system and sell the online courses with various pricing option. The monthly price of Academy Of Mine is $199 for a starter course and the monthly price for a monster course is $499.