Which Online Businesses
are good to start?

With the economy drastically taking its toll, paying utility bills and mortgages can become quite troublesome. However, with a simple internet connection, you can create a second payment source online with minimum effort. A common myth amongst many people is that to start an online business, one needs to be a tech-savvy. Let’s debunk this myth together!

There are multiple businesses you can set-up online however a perfect part-time business requires certain aspects. Firstly, it should require minimum investment in terms of time and money. Generally they shouldn’t require technical knowledge and can easily be maintained over time. Lastly, ensure that the business has an extensive track record for success. A key criteria once choosing to start an online business in a platform like Shopify, is to understand if you are passionate about it or not. It’s highly likely that your business will generate more revenue if you find it fun and interesting. Hence, for different people different sorts of businesses are recommended.

Information Marketing

With advent of technology, information has become extensively available on our gadgets just a click away. In this information age, internet provides a great opportunity for people to learn and teach. If you have a particular skill in any field, you can monetize it and turn it into hard cash. Don’t think that you’ll have to be an expert to teach that skill. As long as you know more than your potential student, you are good to go.

If you feel, you don’t possess any skills valuable enough to be taught to others. You can interview other people and collect information from various credible sources and compile them. More than 92% users on the internet scout for information hence the market is huge.




People get intimidated before starting an online business solely thinking it’s “too tough”. With eBay, you can create your online store within minutes by simply creating an account. Selling your old unwanted things on eBay is an effective means to generate some cash. However, it isn’t a proper business as you will eventually run out of things to sell. Therefore you need to choose products that can be sold over and over again.

“eBay seller for hire” is not a recommended approach as it will take lots of time and effort. You’ll be selling on behalf of other people however, every item is unique so new listings and descriptions must be written. A good approach to start on eBay is analyzing the PowerSellers and how they create leverage over a particular product or niche. Although, you’ll have to handle the physical goods but there are multiple options to automate that process as well.


Affiliate Marketing

If you want to have no logistical requirements and interaction with the customers, affiliate marketing is your calling. It’s simply a “referral” business where you get paid commissions by vendors to direct a few customers towards their particular site. Once a sale is made, you’ll get an affiliate fee without putting in any efforts in any other department of the business.

You can choose products you are passionate about as it’ll help you easily write detailed descriptions. You can also choose for a product based on who is paying the highest commissions for any one product. Insurance and credit card companies generally pay commissions ranging from $40 to $150.

Before choosing for a particular product, it’s important to do your market research thoroughly as it’ll help you choose a product in demand. Choosing a product with low sales will cut your commissions and restrict your audience.

Online business is a great start for anyone to start earning some cash whilst learning about business development as well.


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